Gutter Colors





Our continuous gutter systems are now finished with Dura Coat XT-10. This paint contains TEFLON® surface protector, an industry-leading improvement that ensures our gutters will look better, stay cleaner, and last longer than any other painted gutter.

Tests have shown that Dura Coat XT-10 with TEFLON® surface protector protects your gutters and home better than standard paint. Here’s why:

  • It’s harder and stronger, so it lasts longer and resists scratching.
  • The slippery surface repels dirt, which makes gutter cleaning as simple as aiming a hose. Gutters also resist “tiger striping,” the dirty vertical streaks common to gutters.
  • The surface resists fading, salt and pollution.
  • Dura Coat XT-10 with TEFLON® surface protector performs better in hot climates where other paints fail. Even the inside of the gutter is coated with TEFLON® surface protector to keep the interior cleaner and improve water flow.